Alliance 600 watt Stainless Steel Transformer – XF600


Fully potted, insulated, single core transformer Inline surge protection
Easy on/off, secondary breaker switches on each common tap
Stainless steel cabinet with removable and lockable latched door
Multiple voltage taps ranging from 12 to 18 volts
Two common lug terminals
Tilted lug bar where the secondary lugs will be easier to access and install. The adjusted lug bar eliminates the blind spots that occur when trying to install low voltage wires to the terminal lug.
Relay installed to bring the amperage delivered to the timer and photocells down to a lower level thus improving the longevity of life to those accessories and eliminating failures.
Amp loop that provides contractors with one easy point of reference to check the primary amperage on the transformer
Snap-In photocell ready receptacles Removable bottom panel allowing for easy access to lug terminals, more room for wiring, and the ability to attach conduits through the five knockouts.
Lifetime Warranty

Transformer Size: 600 watts
Max Amperage (Load): 5 amps
Max Input (Primary Voltage): 120 volts
Secondary Voltage: 12-18 volts*
Available Voltage Taps: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Exterior Construction: Stainless Steel
*You may use any combination of output terminal lugs (12-18 volt) However you may not exceed 600 watts on any single terminal lug.

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