Traditional WAC Lighting Kit


Hand selected by our in-house designers, the Landscape Shoppe’s turn key lighting kits are everything you need to illuminate your outdoor space.

Pulling from a very time-honoured image of outdoor lighting, the Traditional WAC Lighting Kit comes in a very stylish black colour.  The kit is best suited for smaller backyards or more intimate patio areas; the kits also allow for expansion for individuals just beginning their landscape lighting journey.

The Traditional WAC Lighting Kit includes two (2) area lights, four (4) accent lights, one (1) transformer  and one (1) reel of 100′ 12/2 direct bury wire.

Whether it’s to brighten up a front walk way or to create a cozy backyard patio, the Landscape Shoppe’s turn key lighting kits will deliver everything you need to light up your outdoor living space.